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Shelly Egli

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Who We Are

Located in and around Oregon’s Capital city, there are eight clubs in the Salem area that work together to better the communities of Salem, Keizer and Stayton.  These clubs have a variety of projects that address the needs of the local and global community.


East Salem

Friday 12:00 PM
Seymour Family Resource Center
3745 Portland Rd. NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
President: Nicole Weston

Rotary eClub of the Willamette Valley

Tuesday 12:00 PM
Online Via Zoom

1st and 3rd week at Illahe Hills Country Club

3376 Country Club Dr. S
Salem, OR 97302
2nd week rotating social, 4th week service project, and 5th week small group fellowship
President: Ryan Carty


Thursday 12:00 PM
Keizer Community Center
930 Chemawa Rd. NE
Keizer, Oregon 97303
President: Joseph D. Egli


Wednesday 12:00 PM
Willamette Heritage Center
1313 Mission Mill
Salem, Oregon 97301
President: Alison S. Kelley


Thursday 12:00 PM
Creekside Golf Club
6250 Clubhouse Dr. SE
Salem, Oregon 97306
President: Terry Page

Stayton Area

Wednesday 12:00 PM
Santiam Golf Club
8724 Golf Club Rd. SE
Aumsville, Oregon 97325
President: Tass F Morrison

West Salem

Monday 12:00 PM
West Salem Roth’s
1130 Wallace Rd. NW
Salem, Oregon 97304
Presidents: Aimee Mendonca

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