We will not be able to offer the global scholarship this year due to Covid and the limitations on international travel and study. We plan to accept applications again in Dec 2021 for study abroad for the 2022/23 academic year.

Global Scholars


The purpose of the Global Grant Scholarship program is to support international study at the graduate level. This grant model builds on the very best of Rotary’s Ambassadorial Scholar history. The Global Grant Scholarship has a shorter processing time frame, expands the opportunities available for scholars and simplifies the rules. If D5100 has allocated DDF for Global Grand Scholarships in a given Rotary year, the District Scholarship committee will solicit applications and interview and process prospective candidates the prior year.



Leadership Skills

Possess excellent leadership skills and potential


Previous Success

Demonstrate a proven record of success in their academic fields and/or vocations


Commitment to Service

Demonstrate a commitment to world and community service


Well-Defined Goals

Have well-defined and realistic goals for their academic and professional futures


Career Aspirations

Plan to pursue a career in one of the seven areas of focus

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Supporting the Environment

Rotary Aims and Values

Understand the aims and values of Rotary

Application Process

Global Grant Scholarship applicants should submit their completed application (provide hyperlink application) and resume to a Rotary Club in District 5100. The club will then contact the applicant for an interview and should they be accepted by the club to advance in the process, their application will be forwarded to the District 5100 Scholarship Committee. Please be prepared to provide the following: Completed Global Grant Scholarship Application, Estimated budget for your time of study, Official college/university transcript, resume, and essay that outlines our proposed humanitarian project in the host district that details how your program of study relates to the selected area of focus; your educational and professional goals and how this scholarship will help to advance these goals; and how you will use your education to address a need on a long-term basis in your hosting and/or other international sponsoring community(ies).

Upon approval and notification from District 5100 that applicant will be invited to complete a Rotary International Global Grant Scholarship Application within six (6) months of the District’s notification. Items required to complete this application include a letter of acceptance from the proposed school, foreign language proficiency exam results, host/partner club/district and host counselor information (this information will be provided to applicant by the Rotary District 5100 Scholarship Committee), and a detailed itemized budget. The applicant should print out and complete the Global Grants Scholarship Application form and submit to their sponsoring Rotary club in District 5100.

Additional terms and conditions are outlined within the Global Grant Scholarship Application Form

Application Timeline

July 1 – March 1 – Rotary clubs in District 5100 will advertise the grant opportunity and develop their club’s scholarship review committee in accordance with the Global Grant Scholarship Guidelines. Prior to February 15, Rotary clubs may forward the applications of those candidates who they believe best meet the goals and selection criteria for the Global Grants Scholarship to the District 5100 Scholarship Committee Chair.

March 1 – this is the final date for clubs to forward their candidate’s application materials to the District 5100 Scholarship Committee Chair for review. These applications must include candidate’s resume and official college/university transcript in order to be considered.

March 15 – Proposed candidates and sponsoring clubs will be notified of interview decision and schedule.

April – Applicant interviews will take place during the month of April.

May 1 – Interviewed candidates and sponsoring clubs will be notified of decision to further the application process prior to this date. The District 5100 Scholarship Committee will proceed with the two-step grants application process of The Rotary Foundation.

Deborah Towner

Deborah Towner

Global Scholarship Chair