The Program

REEL is a basic integrated online educational program of 11 basic courses and 1 elective course for Rotarians (members and leaders) in District 5100 who want to learn essential information, best practices, and access key resources about Rotary.



Structured Learning

Review the most current and relevant information about Rotary’s, Avenues of Service, Areas of Focus, Essential Programs, how to make your Club vibrant, viable, and sustainable, and develop your own Leadership skills.

Leadership Development

By utilizing the My Rotary – Learning Center, participants enrolled in REEL will receive the most essential and relevant Rotary information, best practices, and learn about other available resources online.

Independent Study

Rather than coming together on a particular day, Rotarians are equipped with the tools they need to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Online Courses

Learn at your own pace. Once started, online courses can be interrupted, resumed, and completed as time permits.

The R.E.E.L. Program Curriculum

Get Started

To enroll / resume the R.E.E.L. program, click the button START / RESUME to link you to the Learning Center – R.E.E.L. Learning Plan (note: you will be asked to log into My Rotary / Learning Center). Once logged into the Learning Center, go to your Dashboard (upper left hand corner) to locate the R.E.E.L. Learning Plan/ or do a search for R.E.E.L. or District 5100.
Barb Jones smiling with her hair pulled up, a gray blazer on, and copper earrings

Barb Jones

District 5100 REEL Chair