Vibrant Club Workshop

Event Details

Saturday, October 10, 2020

8:30am Social Hour
9:00am – 12:00pm Training

This Vibrant Club Workshop has been designed to guide club leaders in exploring the core issues of membership, Foundation and public image in an integrated approach and, most importantly, developing an action plan to utilize in your role that will assist clubs in their continual improvement and growth.

The Vibrant Club Workshop asks you to look at three essential elements, Membership, Foundation and Brand/Public Image, as not only interrelated but INTERACTING.

All members are welcome to register for this event at NO COST, but it will be most beneficial for Public Image, Rotary Foundation and Membership Chairs

circle made of three blue puzzle pieces that say membership, foundation, and brand

Learn more about how to:

Enhance Participant Engagement

  • Support clubs to better engage their members
  • Develop a participant-centered approach to deliver value
  • Offer new opportunities for personal and professional connection
  • Provide leadership development and skills training

Increase Our Ability to Adapt

  • Build a culture of research, innovation, and willingness to take risks
  • Streamline governance, structure, and processes
  • Review governance to foster more diverse perspectives in decision-making

Expand Our Reach

  • Grow and diversify our membership and participation
  • Create new channels into Rotary
  • Increase Rotary’s openness and appeal
  • Build awareness of our impact and brand

Increase Our Impact

  • Eradicate polio and leverage the legacy
  • Focus our programs and offerings
  • Improve our ability to achieve and measure impact

Need Next Steps?

Technology is on our side during this time, but not everyone is familiar with Zoom. Click the link below for an introduction to this tool.