Speakers Bureau

We believe having excellent and compelling programs is a key component of being a vibrant club, and our Speakers’ Bureau service is available to help you find programs that will keep your members (and visitors) coming back for more.

YOU can provide recommendations or sign-up to receive notices by sending an email to our District office at office@district5100.org, or to our Speakers’ Bureau chair, Judy Miller.

Click the link to see a list of Potential Speakers (updated 7-2023).

We rely on submissions from clubs / members to keep our list current and exciting, so please share suggestions and contact info.!

BONUS: Here is a link to the Speakers Bureau for D5110 (just south of our District).

Be a Speaker

Thank you for volunteering to share your knowledge and/or expertise. Education is the key to a well-organized and successful society, and sharing your knowledge is highly valued. We are so grateful for your willingness to speak from a place of knowledge and insight.

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Three Creeks Rotary and Community Military Appreciation Committee have created this roster as a resource for area educators, administrators, counselors, and program directors, for anyone involved in teaching or training professions